Thursday, October 21, 2010

Valuing Time with Your Coaches

This evening, despite a PSI of about 90 (unhealthy range), I decided to go for an easy run. Shod in my Vibram VFF, I did an hour of running and walking, and spewed random, un-neighborly, mutterings into the direction of the dreaded Haze. This bad air – born from pyromania caused by shifting cultivation - will affect those of us preparing for Ironman Western Australia. It makes me appreciate good air conditions; seems like indoor-riding on a trainer may be the way to chalking up mundane mileage required for a sustainable 180K road ride.

I spent four valuable days with my Australian teacher/coach. It was part of my annual upgrading for a licensed program I facilitate. My associate from Shanghai joined us in Singapore, and we appreciated [from Coach] new perspectives and potentials on how we could manage our personal values and energy. I learnt more about my leadership personal space and energy, such as activating my leadership charisma.

I don’t see my coaches and mentors often, but I fully immerse myself in our learning experience together. It is important to be fully in the moment, and observe astutely and acutely points of association, and departure. Learning to disagree requires courage and an optimistic composure. Admitting that we don’t know is part of the process of progressing and evolving. Ignorance is merely a starting point, a springboard for future possibilities. I felt energized, invigorated, and renewed in these four days – and the 15K run (and decent results) on Sunday did not dampen my spirits and added to my collective value.

Value your time with your coaches! They can add much value to what we are already doing.

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