Friday, October 8, 2010

Rolling Stones Gather No Moss

True Fiction
By EVangelis

Today, 9 October would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. Alas it is not to be as the ex-Beatle was stoned down.

A rolling stone gathers no moss. What does it mean? Was that an experiment into kinetic energy?

Hall of Fame rockers, The Rolling Stones are still playing at major stadiums and ampitheatres; there are no signs of these deep-furrowed, crevice-faced, musicians slowing down. As I age – gracefully, or disgracefully – I ponder over three observations about journalists. I now read discerningly from a wide variety of sources – no, newspapers are not my favourite source of true information – including the word ‘PROOF’ on Eminem’s left arm. In one of his poetic chants, he proclaims ‘I am who I say I am!’

I have read the almost iconic rock magazine, Rolling Stone for many years. It is akin to the sophisticated guy’s GQ, or the less-sophisticated (but happier) guy’s FHM. Inasmuch as the contents are about rock music and rock music icons, features in the reformatted magazine include introspective interviews with leaders in music, madness and mayhem – and that’s just about business! On this month’s cover (which can be easily passed over as GQ) is a prominent leader of the Free World.

Experts, authorities and hardcore hobbyists share these traits in common:

1)    Everyone has an opinion.
2)    Some are more opinionated than others.
3)    Many claim to know the truth.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison, or Lady Ga-Ga’s dress. Talk-show host, Ellen DeGeneres said: ‘Opinions are like colons – everyone has one!’ Opinions abound about slaughtered animals, dietary preferences, music, art, politics and hobbies. Some people think that endurance athletes are insane, and inane. Perhaps we are, in some unexplainable, demented and conspiracy-based way. Or, are we merely concealing the truth? Perhaps, the truth is OUT there, hidden within the elusive rhythms of tidal ebb and flow, sunrise and sunset, push and pull of Newtonian forces, or choice and circumstances.

Pre-dawn ride.
Facebook update.
Teach a class.
Quick swim.
do Volunteer work.
Run intervals.
18-hour day.

Are rolling stones the bastion of the young, or the youthful? Can we be young and foolish, older and foolhardy? We live in a time of gregarious geographic and geological upheaval – there are movements and there are Movements. Each tremor, tremble and tenor beats a different drum. We just need to tune in. Imagine…

Keep moving those stones! There might just be more time to get more things done!

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