Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rest, Recuperate, Perform

I have a busy weekend; I will be attending a workshop, racing and training. I make time for each, so there is no concern about not having enough time. Excuses have a peculiar way of robbing us of our actions and results.

My challenge would be to integrate some training around it. This morning, I slept in, as my body needed it in a good way. After teaching for four days, and riding almost every night, I skipped a planned morning ride as I will race in the New Balance 15K Real Run, which is my second attempt at the dirt trail/road run. I aim to improve my time last year; which was run with low-cut socks. I suffered a heel blister the size of a fifty-cent coin, which nearly crippled my run for its prominent distraction (felt like a large grain of sand was incessantly gnawing at my heel – which was true).

Rest is important; sleep is essential to full recovery. Sleep allows muscles to undergo anabolism, or the build up process. Our muscles get an opportunity to rebuild its stockpile of resources, including muscle glycogen – critical for long-distance activities. You also stay alert in the classroom, and on the roads.

I intend to train in the mornings, and also in the evenings in my last six weeks to Ironman Western Australia. I have a few long rides (150-200K) ahead that I will accomplish in the next three weeks. These long sessions help me build my mental and physical fitness and practise my nutritional plan. I tend to include a solid meal just after I pass the 90K Special Needs aid-station.

I had very little running this week since the 30K race last Sunday. I merely did a barefoot (VFF) run after a two hour ride last Thursday. This brick indicated to me that I am recovering well as the residual soreness has left my legs. I will need to stretch more although I have given myself sports massage to release tight spots and spasms.

All the best to tomorrow’s Real Run runners!

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