Monday, October 22, 2012

Preparing For Your First Ironman Triathlon (IMWA), Part 2

Leadership Lessons From: Kevin Siah, Perth-based Acountant and talented triathlete.
Kevin (in blue) races just ahead of Kona-finisher Wong Ah Thiam.
Hi Enrico, very honoured to give some input.

IMWA 2012 will be my 6th Ironman, and 3rd one on the same course. The swim being – out and back – along the jetty is relatively straightforward. However from previous experiences, there are not many buoys to mark the course and there can be some pretty big swells in the water. First-time participants just have to keep calm and keep swimming, gauge their distance from the jetty every now and then, to ensure they're swimming in a straight line.

The bike course – although very flat – is not an easy one, as it is open to winds; and, the constant pedaling and posture can take its toll later in the course. A good strategy will be not to get too excited and go out too hard in the beginning. Also keep your nutrition topped up. If it is the same as last year, you can only access your special needs on the 2nd and 3rd lap. But there are plenty of food/drink stations every 20km, or so.
Kevin is highly disciplined to do his preparation, and thus performs very well.
The run course is along the coast so, again, could be impacted by winds. There would be food/drinks stations every 2km or so, but no sponges though. The local crowd really embraces the event – they'll set up tents with music to cheer you on; some even use their garden hose to cool you down. It's always been said ‘It all comes down to the run.’ Whatever discomfort or fatigue you experience, the key is to keep on moving. If you have to slow down or walk, do so with purpose i.e. when going through a food/drink station, preventing a cramp, etc. Remember, the faster you get moving, the earlier you will finish!

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