Saturday, October 20, 2012

10 Tips For Preparing For Your First Ironman (Western Australia)

1)    Be clear about what you are signing up for. It is 226K of triathlon with a 17-hour dateline, and at least three months of dedicated, and family-approved, training.
2)    Be committed to your training and the discipline behind it. If you must, train in small groups (of aspirants for the same race) for motivation and safety reasons.
3)    Train for the full distance (at least) except for the marathon (32-34K will do as your longest run). Accustom your body to the lengthy duration of each discipline. Do race in the same attire and equipment that your trained in. NO NEW STUFF ON RACE DAY!
4)    Do a ride-run brick each session. Run off the bike (within a short transition of 3 minutes) for 2-3 kilometres. On shorter rides, follow up with a longer run of 10K.
5)    Over-distance for swimming (more than 3.8K) and riding (do at least two 180K, minimum as your longest rides). A 200K ride or eight-hour ride (indoors/outdoors) would be a bonus.
6)    Eat as you would in racing as in training (bring your own food supplements, if you won’t risk what is given out). Accept only water from the friendly volunteers at the aid-stations, progressively and generously positioned in Busselton.
7)    Pack your additional race nutrients in the Special Needs bag. Pack only powders, not liquefied forms as they may spoil in the heat.
8)    Study the race-course, on the map as well as on the ground. Do a recce for part of the courses a few days before the race.
9)    Get your bike fully serviced (and parts replaced; brake-cables, tyres, brake-pads) close to the race, but not too close as bike-shops get jammed with anxious first-time entrants. Get new tyres. You risk it all with used ones. Keep your existing training tyres as spares on your bike/Special Needs bag. Learn how to change your tyres, at least once, from your bike- mechanic.
10) Talk to recent graduates of the race (2010, 2011) and tap on their experiences of completing the race. Learn more about exigencies and crises that emerge, and how they managed them.

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