Thursday, May 5, 2011

To Salt Or Not To Salt

What in the world can we believe in?

In the past, hypertension or high blood pressure was strongly linked to high salt intake, mainly sodium. The result of this new longitudinal study (same set of subjects through a period of seven years) challenges the prevailing mindset that high salt intake can lead to increased heart disease.

Active athletes consume a fair amount of salt during the race. We load up on electrolytes especially if sweat profusely, and tend to cramp up during strenuous physical activities. So, salt intake from sports drink may not raise our blood pressure up unnecessarily. After my first series of cramps at my first half-Ironman distance race at Desaru in 2007 (and at Ironman NZ 2006), I decided and committed to using electrolytes and salt as a intrinsic part of my racing tactics. During the week preceding a race, it is not unusual to over-salt our foods from pretzels, sports drinks and table-salt in our food.

Read about Macca’s soft heart. No – he is doing fine. The title of the story is misleading, although captivating like our personal beliefs.

Beliefs need to be updated, and they can be out-dated. They form the foundations of behaviors and actions. To do, or not to do – that is the question. Doubts merely cloud our judgements and actions. Negative thoughts are beliefs disguised as excuses and learnt haplessness.

Until you run 10K, you’d never believe that you could. The same goes for any physical of mental challenges. I never thought I would complete an Ironman race (nor do 10), run a marathon (and qualify for Boston), run an ultra-marathon (and place near-top-10) and qualify and complete for a triathlon world championships (twice). Each achievement and personal best timing prepares us for other possibilities.

Update your beliefs today! Achieve the reach of your potential.

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