Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pace Off or Place Off!

I was reviewing my race performance for the Duathlon I did in February. In the run-ride-run race, I was holding a 4:40minutes/km pace for the first 10K, and 5:10”/kmthe last 5K. It was a loss of 30 seconds for each kilometre for the second run.

I could attribute it to fatigue, and lack of conditioning for the pace required to sustain a similar pace throughout. Pacing is very important for we can go too slow, or too fast and pay the consequences. Holding the pace in training is called Tempo Training.

The ride cost me at least three positions (overall, for second), costing me nearly two minutes downtime (attempting to fix loose equipment) due to my detached bike cage. I had to earn my keep by plundering the run (to recover 7 spots). Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn! (Note to self: Do a final equipment check, especially loose bits).

6th, Enrico Varella           
10K Run       00:46:44       6th          
40K Ride      01:11:58      13th           
5K Run         00:26:41       2nd           
Overall          02:25:22       6th

Does the Crane Kick in Karate Kid work? It just could, if you look at this clip of MMA experts in combat. (Warning: It is a violent blow to the head, even if they are trained exponents).

Mr Miyagi said to Daniel-San that there was no defence to the crane kick.

Mr. Miyagi: "Called Crane Technique."
Daniel: "Does it work?"
Mr. Miyagi: "If do right, no can defense."
Daniel: "Can you teach me?"
Mr. Miyagi: "First learn stand, then learn fly.”

For fans of chop suey, kung pow, kung fu – here is former-Hollywood, action A-list actor, Steven Seagal training MMA students – for real. That is Lyoto Machida who beat Randy Couture with the Crane technique.
Thanks to Peter for this video gem of a lead! Less than 24 hours to my departure for Ironman Lanzarote: My second time racing there, and #11 in Ironman triathlon attempts. My friend John Cooke wrote about his travel adventures en-route to the Canary Islands. No, we are NOT triathlon addicts! We are just in denial...

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