Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PASSIONATE ULTRA TRI-GUY (PART 2): Wayne Kurtz Interview

EV: How are you promoting the ultra-endurance lifestyle?

WK: Through my resources I built -, Endurance Racing Report,, (Coaching and Advisor site - launching January 30, 2011), and will be launching (online Race Registration Company first quarter 2011).

WK: is the online resource for the worldwide endurance racing community to evaluate and search for specific endurance related races in 12 specific disciplines. The uniqueness of RaceTwitch is that it will provide the registered user’s with complete feedback from specific user reviews, recommended races, “If you liked this endurance race, you might like one of the following races”, specific weekly race of the week updates, and live video feeds from the Pro-Team from around the world.  The iPhone application of provides a solution for athletes to find a specific race on a particular day within a geographic area while attending a race. aims to provide athletes with endurance racing options for multiple disciples and allowing the registered users to reveal the positives and negatives of individual race experiences.

EV: Tell us more about your new book, Beyond The Iron - A Training Guide to Ultra-Distance Triathlons. I understand it comes out this month.

WK: Yes, the book will be out the beginning of February and will be available on along with, websites.
EV: What is it like writing your book? What was your motivation for this book?

WK: It was a remarkable experience and my publisher, and Michelle Gamble Risley from 3L Publishing, have been an amazing partner! I learned a ton through the process and have three more books we will be working on together.

WK: Motivation to write the book - I found a lack of information available on how to train for an Ultra-Distance Triathlon. I wanted to fill that void with correct and insightful information direct from an athlete, coach and trainer who participated in these events. With all of my years of experience and my passion for the sport, I am uniquely qualified to help others with insight, guidance, knowledge, tips, tricks, and insight into training.

EV: If we mere mortals want to breathe the filtered and rarefied air of the multiple-Ironman triathlon, how can we start?

WK: First you can start with reading Beyond The Iron! Also, all the RaceTwitch resources/blog posts can be helpful for the education process. Also, feel free to email me questions to me at

EV: Kua Harn Wei is our only deca-Ironman. How did you both meet?

WK: I met Harn at a race many years ago in Levi, Quebec (Double Iron World Championships). We hit it off immediately and then became friends after seeing each other many times at races! Hopefully we can see in other in Mexico this year for the DECA.

EV: You have three websites/blogs. How is each different as a resource?

WK: is listed above, - Comprehensive Advisor/Q&A Resource for athletes, Endurance Racing Report - was created to spotlight endurance sports races throughout the world and supplement the comprehensive “one stop shop” endurance race directory and athlete review resource: Regardless of the race you are training for: running, triathlon, cycling, cross country ski, kayak/canoe race, adventure race, etc. there are many questions that need to be answered in the evaluation process. - our comprehensive unique online race registration resource for race Directors. iPhone application - can be downloaded from iTunes and has the entire resource while traveling.

EV: Tell us more about the free application on your website.

WK: RaceTwitch is completely free and users can search for races. If they register, they receive our newsletter, they can add race reviews, and find out about races.

EV: How can our readers contact you?

WK: Email is best:, skype ‘wayne.kurtz’, or Facebook Fan page: If they go to the homepage, there are links to connect with me directly through all social media outlets.  Then we can arrange mutually convenient times to speak over the phone.
Name: Wayne Kurtz
Age: 43
Family: My Greek Goddess wife - Jan
Years doing triathlons: 25
Music: Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, and of course, Led Zeppelin
Favourite event: Deca-Iron
Favourite bicycle: My Felt DA Time Trial bike and Specialized Tarmac for the Deca-Iron
Favourite running shoes: Newton Running Shoes
Favourite nutritional support: Hammer Nutrition
Likes: Passionate people
Dislikes: Negative people

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