Friday, January 21, 2011

The Art of Productive Conversations

Keith Delarue writes about the Art of Conversation. Conversation is what occurs between our noses. How do you express, impress and compress your thoughts in verbal communication?

Lim Leong starts a new series called Spin-Off Mondays, about how to create a productive week beginning with the first 10 seconds. How do you frame your week with activities and mental strategies that trigger off Real Work, versus Fake Work?

Online forums are useful for initiating conversations, of sorts. Social media allows some form of real-time conversations, provided you wish to engage in such form of mental exchanges.

How would you engage in productive conversations? How do you inspire staff to do the Real Work? What can you do to reduce the occurrence of Fake Work?
Tomorrow morning (Saturday, 22 January), a small group of intrepid endurance athletes will be making a pilgrimage to Sentosa Island and do a swim-run brick session. Please drop by at 9.00am at Tanjung Beach if you think you can benefit from these sessions, held in anticipation of the Singapore Biathlon. It will be a short and simple session for me, just before the Duathlon on Sunday. I hope that the midday sunshine will be forgiving. I just sent a friend my running approach via Facebook, and it reinforced the relevance of writing replies – it crystallizes my beliefs and thoughts, while allowing me to engage in another form of conversation. Have a splendid weekend!

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