Thursday, November 4, 2010

Training for a Deca-Ironman

About five months ago, just after Deca-Ironman Dr Kua Harn Wei got injured from a road accident I met him with John Cooke (based in Perth). We asked Harn Wei how he would train for a 10 X Ironman triathlons.

His response was: Swim 3.8K daily, ten days in a row. Rest a week. Bike 180K daily for 10 consecutive days (indoor-trainer also counts). Rest a week. Run a marathon daily, 10 days in a row. Rest - then prepare for the 10 back-to-back Ironman races. The new format is to complete 38K swim, then mount the bike for 1,800K of riding, and then 420K of running. You strategise and execute your nutrition, recuperation, and rest plans throughout the mega-event.

Tobias Frenz, who was interviewed last year on this blog, did a single Ironman on day one, and a double-Ironman on day 2. He won – both!

An international double-Ironman is being planned here in Singapore, to test the limits of human endurance. Sounds grueling, but possible. I hope that it will materialize, as I am sure there will be a few serious takers.

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