Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pre-Race Premonition & Preparation

Four weeks more till Ironman Western Australia. Hopefully, the reports of shark sightings and shark attacks will not deter the participants from procuring thicker neoprene wetsuits. Some writers joke that it may motivate swimmers to swim faster and emerge from the waves and wake of Geographe Bay sooner. I hope to be one of them registering a PB, out of necessity and need.

For neophytes to the Ironman distance, here are additional suggestions (on essentials to bring along) from seasoned finishers of the 226K races:

1)    Have your bike serviced at least two weeks before as your bike-shop might be plagued by other desperate, last-minute requests (test-drive your bike after servicing, then degrease it before you pack before your trip)
2)    Bring as much tested-in-training nutrition as you will need for the race and before (Gatorade is the official drink, sports gels, energy bars, electrolyte tablets, instant noodles – comfort food after the race)
3)    Your racing clothes (2 X goggles, seasoned wetsuit, 2 X tri-suit, head-gear, eye-shades, helmet, running shoes, bike-shoes/cleats, socks, contact lenses or race-spectacles)
4)    Ward off wind-chill with warm clothing on race day (it gets cold at the T1 area when you set up; and you need dry clothes immediately after the race as it gets windy)
5)    Avoid buying from race-fair, except for gas canisters (bring your own inflator/adaptor, spare tubes/tyres, speedometer, duct-tape, Ziploc bags, Bento-Box, elastic bands, safety-light)
6)    Exchange currency into Australian Dollars; credit card (for post-race, Finisher merchandise purchase)
7)    Clean rags for cleaning your bike before and after the race (used socks are very useful)
8)    A mid-sized hand-pump (a Joe-Blow pump can be shared with close buddies if they carry some other stuff for you)
9)    Above all, zip up your tri-suit and remove all Spartan-shoulder pads (okay, stale sponges) before you leap, roll or dash through the Finish Line!

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