Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Sundown Sloggers

Tonight's the night!
A dozen aficionados of the endurance legwork will attempt a rehearsal run of 60km from 6.00pm till midnight. We will precede the arduous plodding and forefoot flogging with a dinner, and I suspect a few trips to Changi Village's sugar-cane juice stalls. 
I will report our observations tomorrow, like it is a research piece for my deferred PhD dissertation. We will provide collective, nutritional, attire, and sports physiology tips on how to approach nocturnal running on a mindless, endless road to the U-turns.
20,000 runners have signed up for the adidas Sundown Marathon, with 600 attempting the double-dosage. It should be an interesting evening for an almost permanent fixture on the runner's annual menu.
Next week, we will feature an interview with David Greenfield, founder and owner of Elite Bicycles. He recently opened his first Asian branch in Singapore, and if verbal testimonials are a strong indicator, David and his team may find new success in the area of personalised bike fitting and manufacturing. Stay tuned!

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