Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Great to Be Back!

Dear Readers.

I just returned from an overseas assignment; I hope I have not lost too many of you.

For five days, I had to brave the relative absence of my favourite digital portals, namely those banned where I was posted. I could update myself with news of my contacts and connections, however only via e-mail. I was enthusiastic about posting, but I was denied of my Blogger rights. I was annoyed; in fact, I still am. So much for technology when you need it.

I will be filling up five days of lost void. I have some interesting revelations and ideas to share with you. Plus, my core stability is getting better. No need for painful crunches (the non-edible kind, brother). Phew!

On my next trip a month out from now, I endeavour to visit the Tomb with the army of unearthed statues...[wink] and even climb a hill.

Here is a great link by Success magazine with many useful leadership essays and interviews.

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