Monday, April 26, 2010

Knowing Your Limits

Limits – a word that describes a point of exhaustion, a pause, point of inevitable conclusion, and an end to what you can, conceivably, do. Burnout, fatigue, boredom and cramps are physical and mental signs of hitting one’s limits. In experimental terminology, our limits define our parameters of how far we would take the testing. In sports, limits define a point of time, and this ‘point’ can shift upwards or downwards depending on how trained we are.

About six years ago, running 10km was my limit, and so I thought until my coach trained me up. Two night ago, I ran about 50km – a marathon-plus – something, I would not have imagined doing up until 2004. I have shifted more than my body forwards; I also learnt how to shift my beliefs and mindset. I have observed enough amazing athletes and performances to encourage my personal beliefs along. I am looking forward to doing a weekly marathon, as well as my first double-marathon in a month’s time. Hopefully, Boston will be on the cards in April 2011; fingers crossed for Berlin.

Photo by Winston Koh, AniMiles.

Does your leadership style have its limits? What are some of your shortcomings as a leader? What do you fear doing most? What is your preferred style of leading? What are you most impatient with?

‘Nobody is perfect’ has become a truism. That being the case, how do we attain the status of the ‘best that we can be’? Leonardo Da Vinci did say: ‘Details make for perfection, but perfection is no detail.’ The finishers of Spec-Savers Ironman South Africa 2010 experienced their physical and mental limits yesterday. The results for the professionals were:

Top 10 Men
* Raynard Tissink (#2) at 8:23:28
* Mathias Hecht (#13) at 8:28:53
* Daniel Fontana (#9) at 8:33:48
* Jason Shortis (#51) at 8:34:52
* Stephen Bayliss (#1) at 8:40:28
* Jan Raphael (#25) at 8:42:46
* Max Renko (#26) at 8:51:19
* Trevor Delsaut (25-29) (#117) at 8:53:32
* Simon Billeau (#7) at 8:53:49
* Aleksandar Sørensen-Markovic (#28) at 8:56:06
Top 10 Women
* Sonja Tajsich (#35) at 9:16:55
* Caroline Steffen (#47) at 9:22:00
* Tine Deckers (#40) at 9:29:58
* Mirjam Weerd (#50) at 9:37:24
* Sonja Jaarsveld (#45) at 9:42:20
* Meike Krebs (#46) at 9:44:02
* Martina Dogana (#41) at 9:48:13
* Bree Wee (#49) at 9:49:19
* Helen Buley (30-34) (#556) at 9:53:19
* Kathrin Mannweiler (25-29) (#265) at 10:11:13

I am, particularly, pleased for 40-year-old professional Jason Shortis for completing his 50th Ironman in fourth place, with the fastest marathon (2:51). Congratulations to our Team of three from Triathlon Family Singapore who had a challenging day on the Ironman course:

PHILIP KOH 16:35:21

You did very well, and completed the course within your limits! This week, we will see Clifford Lee and Nigel Chua attempt the inaugural Ironman Utah race. All the best, mates!

‘The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion’. ~ ALBERT EINSTEIN

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