Thursday, June 25, 2009

Voices That Care

‘Hey, thanks! I was going through your blogs. It is, indeed, quite amazing that you can find the time to work, train, think, blog and read all at the same time! I guess if I were able to train smart, it will indeed free up more time for my family and for myself. But it is indeed great to learn from your experiences.’

‘Congratulations on getting the #1 page position [on Google Search and Yahoo Search] for your blog! I only got you started but the writings are your good work. Keep on writing, and keep on tri-ing.’

‘Greetings magic marathon miracle man! Once again, congrats on what you are co-creating. It is wonderful to be connected. I have been following your amazing triathlon adventures, congrats to you! And congrats on making it to Number 1 on Google Search, and at making the connection to leadership! And this new adventure is certainly a wonderful challenge/adventure/opportunity as well: the 3-year blog challenge. And your blog is amazingly comprehensive...have subscribed and will pass it on.’

EV says: Thank you, dear readers for making my life more meaningful and richer for the experiences. Leaders can draw sustenance, inspiration and motivation through their generous supporters.

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