Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Freedom of Read

I am truly thankful for my Faculty of Associates who had made this blog possible and successful over the past 48 days. Seth Godin’s challenge of ‘one blog a day, everyday for three years, until it becomes #1’ is really worth considering. It is a nice dream to nurture for Netizens of the Blogosphere.

Whether print or broadcast media, the quality of the content provided is very important; sometimes, it is everything. The experts in broadcast communication (mainstream television, free-to-air, cable and online) constantly grapple with which programs to deliver to home-viewers. Attention span is limited, and eyeball time can only be invested in, only if there is reason to. In the interest of valuing your time, I have deliberately posted interviews and essays in full, and you can choose to come back, whenever you want. Do whatever you like. I call this ‘freedom of read’ and ‘freedom of reach’.

I admit that I have a bias for interviews, as I gain from the verbatim responses. It is hard to shrug off four years of journalism from my back – one’s past has a way of haunting you. When I filter through the responses I receive, I can get a glimpse or even hard look at a person’s tacit experience, tacit wisdom, strategies for success, leadership attributes, character, and lifestyle approaches. There is a vast expanse of human potential and capability, just waiting to be tapped into. Sometimes, I get lucky and hit a mother lode of possibilities. I think I have been fortunate to hit several nodes in this mother lode (community of bloggers), mined through this social media tool (the blog), and the accompanying friendships that I have made prospects with (blogging).

One such prospect is ALAN GERALDI. 'SFTriGuy' is no stranger to the Triathlon Family Forum in Singapore. He is a loyal Family Man, Dedicated Lawyer, Committed Athlete, Reliable Friend, and Co-Founder of the San Francisco Triathlon Club (now, one of the largest and strongest triathlon club in the USA). Oh, did I mention that he has raced in several Ironman triathlons and numerous ultra-marathons (think multiples of 42km)! I hope that tickles your fancy…

Stay tuned. The Badwater Ultra-marathon Man will be up next.

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