Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Many Sides of Leadership

Leadership can assume various positions. These pre-positions orientate the leader to other perspectives, mindsets and decisions. As leaders, we have the choice to operate from different sides: outside, inside, be-side, a-side and side-by-side. So, when we take sides, we are exploring possibilities from a certain side.

By using the language of prepositions (‘pre’ and ‘positions’), we determine the perspectives we can operate our leadership from. We can lead from the front, behind, from the side, and more. Our research has revealed that leadership can operate from five positions of relevance.

This blog (and its mirror website) will attempt to be a source of inspiration, point of departure, and disposition on the diverse topic of Leadership.

(Extracted from Leadership Lessons from Triathlons, 2007-2009)

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