Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Memory & Memoriums

'I will not tell you how he died. Instead, I will tell you how he lived.' ~ Last Samurai.

Today marks the anniversary of 11 September. Around the world, people are doing a remembrance. The news coverage for this memorial event in the USA has been extensive. Touching ceremonies were conducted worldwide to celebrate the heroes and remember loved ones.

Can you recall what you were doing when this catastrophic event of global implication occurred? I recall I walked into my hallway and saw a television news report of plumes of smoke emanating from a building in New York. Subsequently, I thought it was an errant pilot of a small, private, propellor-plane that veered off-course; it was not to be. I spent the whole night worrying over my close friends in NYC; the phone-lines there were jammed. I went to work disturbingly alert and concerned about the consequence of the three events over three locations in the States.

After 9/11 our world has never been the same again Рand this is not a clich̩ Рwhere our collective security is concerned. The sense of paranoia and distrust for others has created discrimination and prejudice Рtoxic elements in potential relationships with others. Decisions and policies were made Рat times seemingly absurd and easy to criticize Рthat were meant to benefit the larger group. However, this has led to breakdown in reasoning, creation of fear, suspicion, and cynicism.

We need not succumb to the confusion and conundrum. We can elect to shift our perspectives and live our lives with meaning and purpose, instead of fear, trepidation and anxiety. We can look out for each other. We can create collaboration, so that in unity we have strength. We can have a shared purpose and achieve common goals. The Tribes of the world can express themselves in positive ways. This morning, I joined about 400 triathletes in doing the Mega-Triathlon. We shared a common goal of suffering, however with a sense of achievement. Participants who once were strangers connected with each other during the course of the long day.

Celebrate each day we have with others fully and with intent. We only have now.

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