Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Can’t Please Them All!

John Cook is raising funds through his Ironman Lanzarote; his cause of choice is for those with physical disability. I think that this is a noble gesture, so please support him. I have made my preliminary pledge already. As able-bodied, amateur athletes we have the privilege to test our biological machines constantly. We have more opportunities for employment and enjoy preferential treatment, whereas they may not.

I appreciate those people who are helpful. I believe that everyone has a concept of care, and will render assistance when they can. Few will say ‘no’. Some of my friends – like Koh Boon Pin – assist visually-challenged or wheelchair-assisted athletes to their sporting goals like marathons. I am thankful we have athletes who hold back their personal interests in favour of others’.

In professions of extreme generosity, holding back would be contradicting. It is like saying a teacher is allowed to hold back their teaching; keep some for them self. If this happens, then the teacher is shortchanging the student. If you must, teach them a lesson. Teach from your heart, and of your heart. Even if the student does not know how to appreciate it.

Life presents us with myriad of opportunities. We would like to please, as many as we can yet this would be impossible at times. People make choices, although not the best choices at some times. The belief that they know it all is a potential flaw in their thinking. We only know what we think we know, and much is to be discovered. A closed mind learns very little. An open mind offers more possibilities, options and choices. Sometimes, you please others and other times, you should please yourself.

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