Saturday, March 19, 2011

Check-In at Aviva Singapore Ironman 70.3: After the Rain

Here are some afternoon scenes (during my check-in, after two bouts of showers) for those up and about still. Have a very good race tomorrow! It was great to see my friends from Crazy2Tri (sponsored by Toyota this year), Deca-Ironman finisher Dr Kua Han Wei, triple-Ironman finisher Jack, and my new friend, Daniel (one of our readers who did the Singapore Biathlon 2011, and racing tomorrow).
My trusty iron-horse: Many have asked if it is aluminum - it is full carbon painted in the classic colour of steel-bikes in the 1980's. Recall 'Breaking Away' and 'American Flyers'?
Faris Al-Sultan's bike...
...with nice wheel tattoos.
Other pros' bikes. The jury is still out: bottle-cages behind the saddle, or on the main frame.
Transition area, with bikes hooded up for the Big Auction tomorrow...I mean, the Big Race.

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