Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stealing the Limelight

What kind of values drives a leading male singer-musician to embarrass a young colleague who is receiving her first industry award?

Even the Chief Executive was reported as saying that the singer–in-question was inappropriate – well, in more colourful language.

The male singer’s intention was, probably, good – to openly acknowledge the other female nominee who he believed, rightfully, deserved the award; she was ambushed by his gesture, and explicitly stunned. However, his domineering behavior (of snatching the microphone) put the recipient of the award in a very bad spot. How dare he steal her limelight? She was gracious, and kept passive as he thundered through with his short harangue. The male singer stated on his blog that he was being honest. Is there a clash of values: Honesty versus graciousness?

Thankfully, when the other female singer won her MTV award she invited the stunned and sad one an opportunity to give her acceptance speech. What a leader! Doing the right thing.

Leaders should be more magnanimous than that. They know when to give credit where credit is due. We can share the credit. They know how to recognize a person’s performance. Stealing somebody’s thunder is still stealing – it is not on.

My prediction: Bad Boy singer with the attitude, and poor judgment will lose a section of his fan-base. Bad Boys, passing off as leaders, will become passé. The consumer community will realize that its tolerance for unacceptable behavior will be moderated by their personal values.

As Forrest Gump said: ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’

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