Wednesday, September 30, 2009

8 Ways To Recognise Your Staff

Recognition is a precursor of rapport. Rapport is that set of skills that connects people on an interpersonal way. Too often, staff tend to equate recognition with monetary rewards. Although, on a pragmatic level, employees highly value money (as it is a certain motivator) it is temporal in its effect. After you have blown the whole pile, what happens to your motivation level? Does it wane off?

So, I decided to poll my audience about their thoughts and experience with non-monetary forms of recognition. I thank my Facebook respondents for their recommendations and observations.

1. Public recognition

2. Gen Y would like you to give them an all expense paid Ironman race. Generation X would like you to finish an Ironman race in their name.

3. Give them a simple note of appreciation, done in front of the other staff.

4. On simple praise - it goes a long way!

5. A simple thank you. It’s really appalling that some patients don’t say thank you after seeing their doctors nowadays.

6. Compliments: direct and indirect. Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional compliment?

7. Send them a handwritten note, or e-mail with your appreciation of a job well done.

8. Give publicity of your high-performance team in your corporate newsletter and online newsletter.

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