Thursday, September 17, 2009

Featured on the Local Dailies

11 September 2009, Singapore Press Holdings Auditorium.

After I delivered a 30-minute presentation for budding amateur magicians, I was interviewed by the local Chinese newspapers, Zao Bao (for their zbCOMMA section). Local professional magician, Bob Chua performed for the enthusiastic audience, and was thereafter interviewed, too. Our thoughts and impressions about the future of magic was the focus of the interview.

Secondary school-teacher, Soo Chan Hua a.k.a. Shade led the magic course for an audience of about 70 students and some parents. It was the term break, and student-leaders from the top secondary schools and junior colleges facilitated the day-long course as magic-coaches. It was deeply satisfying for me to experience students-as-leaders in a healthy, teaching environment. The future of magic as a hobby and performance art seems secure, for now.

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