Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Re-sizing & Sizing Things Up

How small can we be? In the larger universe, we pale in size in comparison to the infinitesimal vastness of space, its galaxies and constellations. Is our universe expanding? If so, we are far smaller still. We are analogous to plankton in an ocean. Yet, plankton is a critical organism in how oceans stay fresh and sustainable to other creatures – large or small.

Yet, in the other order of things within our immediate system, we can have meaning and purpose. We can size up our situations so that things appear more complex or simple, intricate or gross, larger or smaller. Death can stop all these comparison immediately. Impending death from disease can nudge us into submission or competition. We can fight the disease or surrender to it. We have choices, and how we choose to exercise them determines our place and position in the inner universe of our mind and spirit.

Our time on this earth determines what we are capable of doing. What we do defines us. As Gandhi alluded: ‘Our positive thoughts translate into emotions into actions into habits into values and into our destiny.’ We are capable of shaping our thoughts into useful ones, which in turn guide us through to our behaviors towards others.

Think of what you can do in each moment. If you have the power to change one thing, what would that be? What would you do differently the next moment? Do we watch the world go by? Or, do we be come participants in it? See the change. Be the change. Change.

The enormity of what we can do, can be dazzling. Do what you have to do. Re-size your efforts. Maximize your vision. 

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