Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Is The Day To Draw Up The Lists

To list, or not to list – that is the question.

Lists are points of attention, or contention. If you write a Pros/Cons list, you are weighing the benefits/risks or advantages/disadvantages. It gives us a balance sheet of how we can audit our lives for actions to take. As written some time ago, you can design lists for ‘To-Do’, Traveling list, or a Bucket List. Most of our lists revolve around things/tasks to do. We merely tick off (de-list) upon completion of each challenge or mundane activity. Whatever remains on our lists should be completed or we invite procrastination. You can draw lists as a mind map, or a traditional left/right column listing. Just remember to activate it with a dateline and priority of action. As endurance athletes, we also draw up a list of the races we would like to do, then assign a ranking of ‘A-race’ for the most important ones, and regress with a ‘B’ and ‘C’ rating.

Our organised lives revolve around lists, and this is unavoidable. This article from the Harvard Business Review suggests designing two lists to help you operate in your landscape of your lifestyle
I ran hard home for the last three kilometres. Reckon I should buy this photograph? It seems to show off my white-hair well. (Credit:
On another note, the official results of my Saturday past-midnight race can best be described in pictures. As my Coach, ‘Fox’ predicted I did earn a sub-1 hour 40 minutes completion time. In fact, my timing for the 10K mark was slightly faster than my tempo run with Fox the day before the race. Despite running on slightly ‘spent’ legs, I was still fit enough to do my trial run/speed training within 30 hours of recovery, and bag a top-1 percent ranking. I assure you that my thighs are now noticeably sore; a remindful testament to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), or the badge of honour of racing hard. A few more long runs, and tempo sets should give me the legs I need for Ironman Switzerland in July (second and last Ironman on my 2012 list). Dr Kua Harn Wei has offered to guide me through to a 3:50 marathon in Zurich, although I will need to be holistic in my approach within the next six weeks. I was dressed in my two-piece, triathlon race-attire as I always simulate racing in Ironman conditions. Thankfully, this reliable set yielded minimal abrasions.
Charted results of my Sundown Marathon performance.

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