Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lead In To Your Future

Either you lead, or you follow. Sitting on the fence too often can be a reflection of your indecisiveness. Eventually, you will follow when you over-deliberate and get confused with too much conflicting information. People can be highly persuasive and use manipulative devices to lead you to see their way is the right way. What about your right to your own way?

The future has a place for leaders, whether in the workplace, business, or your community. Step forward. Make a change. Do something different. Make a difference. You would be glad for doing so.

Here are some drills to accelerate your way to the front of the swim pack. If you find a pack that swims as fast as you, you can 'sit' on their feet as you earn free 'speed' from the physics of the bubbles.

In open-water training, you can add lots of variety to make each session useful. From purposeful warm-up (out/in the water), putting on the wetsuit, sighting, drafting and entry/exit from the water.

Time to, seriously, make and hold the lead! Swim on.

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