Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Discipline of Doing

Doing is done. I quoted this before, and I re-quote it now.
Discipline is relevant when you are performing. If you wish to engage in values like quality, discernment and commitment, you will have to do the necessary and the needful. Discipline involves processes, methodology and mindset before we can earn the results we seek.
I attempt to write everyday, and that is challenging especially when I am deeply involved in projects or am overseas. Having returned less than two hours ago from an overseas gig, I am writing this out (while editing and enhancing it) 'live', without the usual 'think, plan, write, cut then paste' strategy. This month marks exactly three continuous years of blogging, learning, innovation, and building synergistic collaborations with many interviewees and readers. I am thankful for my position in the universe of content, and more content. Content is king, and I am dedicating one more year to better material, stories, multi-media, and sharing. I like to thank Keith DeLarue for getting me started on online conversations through Twitter and blogging. Here, Keith shares his experience working with the '140-character report'.
Have a great week all.

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