Monday, April 30, 2012

Indoor Training & The Inner Universe

Bodybuilder, Bill Pearl once wrote a book 'Keys To The Inner Universe' which he described as mental training for followers of the aesthetic sport. I like the title, and I relate well to it. With endurance sports, one is highly connected to one's self-talk and reflective thoughts. You attempt to make sense of your confusion, seek clarity from epiphanies, and get awestruck by inspiration and creative connections. Mind your head, for it is one of our strongest tools for personal success.

After two consecutive evenings training in the gym, I have experienced new sensations and self-discovery. My long rides on a stationary-bike and treadmill makes me question the relevance and usefulness of this alternate forms of activity. Because these equipment are situated nearby, my transitions are faster (with less down-time), and I can be creative and safe at the same time. I can increase my intensity and monitor it scientifically with instruments. I can simulate hills with varying heaviness of the crank, and raise the gradient of my runs on the treadmill. I can slip into a short cross-training workout with weights, calisthenics, and balance/core work with ease and fluidity. I have two more sessions to access the gym before I depart soon and will continue to mix it all up, and enhance my fitness. Your mind has to seek distractions from the mundane and static scenery, and that's where mind-games factor in. Do what you can to keep moving, and accomplish your task. Gym-work for me, is brutal! Imagine 4-time Ironman world-champion, Chrissie Wellington used to run 4-6 hours on a treadmill, in a room without windows! Or my friend Deca-Ironman, Kua Harn Wei ride his bike on a turbo for 4-6 hours without music or television!
Thank you, Roy for you kind words. After three continuous years of daily writing on this blog, I am grateful for its readership for an esoteric online publication. I hope that you have found usefulness in my perspectives and observations. I have learnt much from the insights and hindsights of my readers, sporting and business community, and the many leaders I had the pleasure to meet. I am only glad to help in my own passive way. Congratulations to you on your sporting and professional achievements.


Anonymous said...

This is great for someone who wants to stay in shape but may not have lots of time to devote each day to going to the gym or getting a core workout.

Enrico Varella said...

Thank you for your affirmation, Claire Maria. Gym-work can be suited for the 'time-crunched' athlete.

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