Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pro-Life Skills & Being Prolific

I have observed that several of my friends have been making, or are considering mid-life career changes. This is not unusual, as PMETs do reach a point where they wish for a change in lifestyle, slow down their pace, and shift their attention to something different. Many talk about pursuing their passions, purge themselves of corporate slavery, and hope to plunge into the dark waters of self-employment, or buy/bury into a new business.

For fans of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant, you can attain any of these four dimensions of wealth: employment, self-employment, business, or investor. Where do you seat yourself in the flow of Multiple Streams of Income? The transition into new transformation can be challenging if you jump into the deep-end with little protection. In business – corporate or your very own – you work with a dream/vision, planning, strategies, and learning-on-the-go.

Triathletes have moved to sport like off-road running, desert challenges, adventure-racing, or ultra-distances. This is a natural process, as boredom and monotony takes it toil and toll on their minds and bodies. Others attempt new feats of physical tests, as part of a personal need to be altruistic, philanthropic and charitable. They raise funds for charity as an integrated challenge that also benefits others. We tend to progress to larger pieces, and a Higher Purpose in our lives.

For new graduates into the working life, or self-employment these skills may (still) be critical for the future:

1)    Influencing skills (selling, leading, marketing)
2)    Presentational skills (face-to-face, educating, mentoring, coaching)
3)    Language (written and read, instead of purely spoken)
4)    Confidence, commitment and clarity of thought
5)    A sense of open-mindedness, being broad-minded, and appreciating differences (as uniqueness)
6)    Creativity (street-smarts, synthesis, common sense, uncommon sense, applying wisdom)
7)    Being and staying hungry (self-motivated, self-directed, purposeful)
8)    Universal values that connect and align with others

How will you sell yourself to your next employer? How will you promote other people’s products and services? Which future skills will you consider developing?

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