Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lessons Learnt From Parents

There are absolute ‘rights and wrongs’ in life, and there is an even wider range of grey areas. Even laws and legislation change. The disparity in opinions engages unpleasant emotions, resentment and hatred. Opinions are far and wide; everybody has one. The Generation Gap (perceived or real) exists.

Parents want to be helpful. They, too, want to feel useful. In practice, many feel impotent when they face defiant teenagers and the Black Sheep of the family. They then panic, and seek advice from a wide variety of sources, and resources. This can add to the confusion, and accelerate the tensions.

When do you begin to formulate your wisdom? How do you know what you teach will be of value? Intention is powerful. It is a motivator of truth and relevance. How will you connect your wisdom with contemporary needs of a Generation Y, or Strawberry Generation? DEspite the dramas associated with parents and siblings, family is still Family!

Leadership Lessons: How would you teach Life Lessons to your children? How would you ensure that these lessons are heard? How would you attend to your children’s mistakes?

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