Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Working the List

I almost completed all my tasks for my ‘To-Do’ list for the day. I attended an online/audio-conference, trainer’s session on 360 Degree Feedback System (360DFS). I followed this up with a productive conversation with Melbourne-based trainer/consultant Keith De La Rue who is off to London to deliver a conference session, and then on a 3-month tour of Europe. He introduced me to Twitter and blogging, so is an important person in my online presence. This, was after I ensured that he spent some tourist dollars on the Apple Pad 3 he wanted to buy.

I am completing my preparation for my half-day workshop for administrators and operational staff tomorrow. I will be collaborating with an expert on this brand-new teaching design, and I look forward to our results. The list that I have drawn up includes materials to bring, PowerPoint slides, and activities to conduct. My racing list for the year is almost complete. After last Sunday’s 3K swim and the half-marathon a few days ago, I will have a 60K riding time-trial, a 10K hilly run, and another half-marathon before I depart for Ironman Switzerland. I will integrate a ride or two in Malaysia, too. A list in time, saves nine!
Thank you Sundown Marathon Pacers for leading the way for first-time racers as well as seasoned competitors! You led with courageous commitment through the early-morning torrential downpour. You suffered as much as the other 28,000 midnight runners in a scenic route, so we recognize you for your performance.
Congratulations to Justin Chua for co-authoring his first book – a compilation of successful entrepreneurs.

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