Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nine Ways To Update Your Profile

Profiles that are left idle, may affect your personal branding. By updating your online profile, you are keeping yourself fresh and contemporary. Otherwise, your presence is, at best, temporary. Remember the platinum rule in online marketing: Content is king. When face-to-face, your personality and character makes you royal and regal. Your profile is your summary of your comprehensive file (i.e. resume, CV, or biography). However, never attempt to over-inflate your resume even for the Head Honcho's position (especially in Yahoo!).

It is not difficult to update your profile:

1)    Keep in constant touch with your online community. Announce interesting developments. Only if INTERESTING or USEFUL.
2)    If your social media campaign is not useful, remove it. Having less is useful. You need not be on all popular platforms.
3)    Post regularly on your blog, especially when you have an established readership.
4)    Seek recommendations and testimonials, especially when clients are pleased with your work. Indicate awards and commendations, when you receive them.
5)    Housekeeping is vital. Which new developments are occurring in your profession or life now? Edit or delete.
6)    If it is too good to be true, it is probably too good to be true. Report factually. Avoid exaggeration.
Special mention of our blog by Dr Mok Ying Ren, Singapore's top marathoner & weekly columnist.
7)    Remove controversial or demeaning material, including photographs or remarks that may be deemed insensitive or inappropriate.
8)    If you are not comfortable with the details, tweak it.
9)    Sharing useful content to those that it matters to is a powerful approach.
Photo-credit & design: Dr Leow Jo Lene
Leadership Lessons: Which three things will you update to your online profile? When signing off on your e-mails, what would you distinguish yourself by? When was the last time you were recommended for your services?

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