Sunday, January 1, 2012

What’s Your Kryptonite?

Superman’s weakness was the very same mineral that came from his birth planet, Krypton. Kryptonite sapped his strength and could kill him eventually. Greek premier fighter, Achilles’ weakness was his heel – thus the saying ‘Achilles Heel’. Every superhero had his weakness and an arch-villain as his nemesis.

What is your kryptonite? What weakens you? What drains you of your energy and enthusiasm? Positive psychology has included a term called ‘toxic people’ – they pollute the workplace and leech it of positive energy and goodness. Putting yourself in a place of most vulnerability increases your risk of being affected by these threats.

For me, being ill is my kryptonite for I am psychologically and physically affected by it. On the physiological level, I am victim to how my body responds to the infection. On a mental level, I am tempted to train through my condition although that is not recommended. Having conversations with positive people, achievers, survivors and the like, provides me with nourishment and medicine for my spirit. Perhaps, it is all about energy and the various physical forces in the universe.

What you do when you face your weakness is critical to your long-term success. Think and act tactically, and it is short term. Think and act strategically, and you may have to lose a few fights in order to win the war. Sometimes, less is more. It is the sum of all parts, and then some. 
This is my third meso-cycle out of four, before Ironman New Zealand. Coach has prescribed me a tough fourth week of preparation. Since I returned from my short vacation, I have been stricken by another bout of flu. I am sore in my muscles and joints, and these aches have been indicators that I needed to rest. As uneasy and uncomfortable the thought was of resting and convalescing, I decided to give in. It was hard passing up the opportunity of doing the New Year Day’s ride-run brick this morning. It seemed like an opportunity lost. Coach has prescribed a double-session this week for riding on the same day. He hopes that I will learn to do a better back-end leg of the ride. As I resume my work schedule of teaching, I will have to be creative with my time and ensure I cover my training thoroughly. To achieve a PB for my next Ironman triathlon requires a completeness of approach and preparation.

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