Saturday, December 31, 2011

To Reflect Or To Look Forward?

It is that time of the year to reflect, genuflect, ruminate and pause for a cause – before the festivities begin. I have learnt to appreciate recentness and recency, yet I prefer to look towards the future. Being a learned optimist (as I had to learn how to think differently), I rather work with possibility and purpose. I will also pretend that we will have another conversation next year on 31 December 2012. Humans make mistakes, and so could the defunct race called the Mayans. Choice or destiny? I rather take my chances. Be resolute instead of making an unending and unfulfilled list of resolutions.

Never rest on your laurels. Leave the past behind. You cannot change your past. Stop dwelling on the past.

Anticipate change. Tomorrow is another day. You can still change your future. Our future has not formed yet.

Here is my list of challenges for next year:

1)    Be more creative. Add ‘1’  (+1) to whatever I do, with whomever is with me.
2)    Add value to what I do. If I am not adding value, remove myself out of the equation.
3)    Shift and sift through some serious paradigms. Time to create a larger Ripple Effect that benefits more people.
4)    Apply totally and thoroughly my values to my actions and interactions.
5)    If it does not feel right, and my intuition backs me up, I will rather shy away from a project or business relationship. Money isn’t everything. Gain and value, are.
6)    Collaborate, commemorate and commiserate.
7)    Be more constructive and build on more possibilities with and for others.
8)    Do more acts of kindness and charity.
9)    Build a coterie of fishermen who will teach others to fish. This applies to my both my profession and pastime.
10)Share my ‘bucket list’ with others.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me so far (for the last three years). I do deeply appreciate your support, friendship and partnerships. Have an amazing 2012! Challenge yourself to make your next 365 days count for you, beginning tomorrow.

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john cooke said...

thanks enrico for the year of thought provoking blogs . Hope the year ahead despite its challenges will allow you to climb all the summits you wish to conquer .Always be true to yourself and everything will fall into place.Have a great 2012