Friday, January 6, 2012

10 Things About Training For Your First Ironman Triathlon

1)    World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) organizes the M-Dot series of Ironman. Non-M-Dot races may be less expensive and you are more likely to get an entry spot. European races are transferrable within the EU for a mild transfer fee. There are currently no more Asia-based races; only in Australia and New Zealand.
2)    It would be best to link your vacation to a race, or the cost to race alone would be punitive. You may want to bring your spouse along to experience the event.
3)    With a consistent base of one year of endurance training, it takes about 16-20 weeks to prepare adequately for an Ironman race.
4)    You will require at least 12-15 hours per week of training for your preparation. Some weeks are ‘easier’ weeks, with possibility of twice-a-day sessions (depending on your work schedule).
5)    If it is your first time, it will make more sense to use the services of an online coach. Select an expert who has raced a similar race before, and who may fit your profile.
6)    In training, you will have to cover at least 180-200K in your longest ride, 4K in your swim, and up to 32-34K in your longest run. Include shorter, local races as preparation.
7)    You will access your nutritional needs during these long run and ride sessions. How much you consume during the longer legs will be determined during training. Use products you trained with.
8)    Never use new equipment or nutritional products on race-day. Break in your wetsuit early (at least three times in training before the race).
9)    Do core and strength training as part of your weekly preparation – over and above your core training. Focus on flexibility, core strength, and weight-bearing resistance exercise.
10) Once you confirm your race application, do book your accommodation early. These sell out early if they are situated near the race-site. Longer distances may involve rental of vehicle.

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