Friday, January 27, 2012

Starting Conversations

I have heard, on many occasions, how students, friends and associates have found it hard to sleep after an engaging conversation. That is what a great conversation can do to one’s senses and sensibilities. Creating conversations of worth at the workplace can lead to more productive performance. We relish in the meanings and moments found in these interactions, be it face-to-face or through social media.

We are responsible for whatever happens at each stage of the dialogue: beginning, middle and end. The process can be as straightforward as ‘How are you today?’ to ‘How do you do it so well?’ to ‘I like to apply some of your ideas!’ Integrate questions with useful ‘silences’ and appreciate the responses.

Conversations are subtle interviews, or interviews done in an invisible way. Introverts can benefit and be assured with asking questions, and then listening actively. Extraverts can answer with more focus, when you are specific about the comprehension questions you ask. Apply your sense of curiosity and intrigue, and delight in the discovery of new knowledge and insights. Each respond or question is another starting point for how the conversation can shift or assume new momentum.

Begin your enjoyable conversations now.

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