Sunday, January 8, 2012

Running Through 2012

Whatever you believe about mankind’s demise or rise from the ashes of despair, I believe that running will continue to be a strong global Movement. Humans have been psychologically wet-wired and geared for running towards (pleasure), and running away from (pain). You can wreak havoc with your brain if you trust the Mayan calendar, or you can create your own.
Have you made preparations for your inaugural or even umpteenth race? You could run your first twilight or sundown marathon, qualify for the MR25 club, complete your first biathlon (swim & run) or off-road, obstacle course. Here is a schedule of exciting physical activities (courtesy of Running Lab) for the first five months.
In case you missed top-Singaporean marathoner (and SEA Games gold-medalist in triathlon), Mok Ying Ren’s piece on post-racing blues.

Run far. Run short. Run when you want. Stop when you choose to. Time is what we make of it.

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