Friday, January 13, 2012

Trust Your Intuition

‘Be still my heart…’

Intuition is a value. It has been referred to as the sixth sense. Researchers have considered it as an amalgamation of all our five senses (synaesthesia). Others have suggested that it is a mixture if foresight and instinct. Whatever it is, it is intangible yet relevant to our sense of direction and purpose.

Sometimes, our head may say ‘yes’ yet our ‘gut feel’ suggests, otherwise. This may be a sign to pause, or even hesitate. If our gut feel tells us to wait, or even procrastinate – do consider it. Impulsiveness may be risky if it leads us to make rash or irrational decisions. If our intuition buys us time, we should heed it. Use the opportunity to explore areas of doubt, worry, and uncertainty.

If you head out for a ride, and the weather looks inclement – you can still ride until it looks unsafe. However, if your intuition tells you that that day may not be a right day to be outdoors, then it may be better to err on the side of caution. It may be perceived as laziness, however you can replace it with a safer activity. If your intuition prods you to do an open-water swim with your buddies, call them up. If you feel like going for a run, then just do it.

Leadership Lessons: Listen to that voice inside. Heed those feelings of discomfort and disquiet. Use your intuition to back up your decisions. Value your intuition as it might just add value to your decisions and actions.

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