Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Are You Holding Up?

How familiar are you with this expression? How are you holding up?

This question arises after somebody suffers a predicament, setback, injury or illness. It questions the person’s situation, sense and sensibility after personal or physical trauma. After last weekend’s careless crash into the back of a vehicle, I have been asking myself this question.

After an immediate physical status check on my body and my bike after the accident, I made a calculated decision to pedal home. Of course, I pedaled home slowly by the safest route I chose. The post-accident, post-activity, flood of adrenaline in the bloodstream can mask injury. Other than a sore left arm, right pelvis and visible scratches and abrasions (road rash), I thought I was all right. Subsequent checks indicated showed a mild bruise on my right pelvis, and a horrid one on my left elbow.

My bike frame did not hold up well, and she suffered some compression and cracks. I do swear by bike technology, and strongly believe my bike cushioned most of my impact and so I sustained minimal injury. As such, I am ordering another Elite custom-crafted bike frame. I hope it will arrive within a fortnight’s time.

After this afternoon’s 2-hour intervals sets at Ironman marathon pace, my left chest feels tight and it mildly affected my breathing (as I increased the running speed and intensity a tad). It reminded me briskly of Chrissy Wellington’s pectoral injury as a result of a bad bike crash before her world championships win last year. It affected her swim, and she felt it on her run. I suspect that my chest absorbed part of the shock, and reacted by tightening up. I hope that this minor setback will be resolved soon. Fox has provided me flexibility with this week's program, and I rested up for three days after the crash. In the last four days, I have managed about 10 hours of training, which is more maintenance-based. It is important that I stay consistent in my preparatory training if I aim to secure that triathlon PB that has eluded me.

Déjà vu? Almost two years ago, before the Lunar New Year, I was the victim of a road accident. While riding home, I was hit (from behind) by a taxi. Last week’s event certainly stirred up residual memories of that fateful day. Both bikes suffered their demise, yet I used up one of my nine lives. Live to train another day. Live to race. Live to learn and be more alert.

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