Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tie-Ins and Tie-Ups

Undeniably, the future of business and relationships are with tie-ups and tie-ins.

Movie tie-ins are such where product placement are integral to the success of both film production and product promotion. Sponsors pay a fee to have a director and cast, cleverly, represent their brands and products in a positive light. This fee helps in managing the cost of production, which is a major escalating costs when production values are high. Films and advertisers/sponsors seek collaboration and synergy for their mutual benefit. Authors and publishing houses also do tie-ups and tie-ins with merchandising and publicity events. Launching a book about cooking at a restaurant, or a sporting biography at a sports retail chain are examples of mutual relating and relationships. 

The Law of Reciprocity (as expounded by Robert B. Cialdini., Ph.D.) applies in most facets of our lives. Do somebody a favour, and hopefully, they may reciprocate in the future. It does not have to be financially-motivated. A recommendation or testimonial can help in heaps. As long as the brands and businesses are complementary, then such collaborative synergies and partnerships can be valuable.

How do you apply that to your personal and professional life?

1) Joint promotion of Facebook pages.
2) Sharing a friend's/company's FB page.
3) Raising funds for a charity or Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) through your network of connections and relationships.
4) Actively promoting businesses and services that you believe in.
5) Encouraging and securing partners to participate in a cause or larger purpose.
6) Cross-selling and cross-promotion of other brands, businesses and expertise.

Consider how you can apply tie-ups and tie-ins to your business, and personal branding.


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