Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stay Competitive

Competition can be a useful thing. It can keep us on our toes. It can spur new growth and development. It can even provide us an edge.

What are competencies? Too much confusion abounds, as it means different things to different companies, their management and  staff. Consultancy companies add to the quagmire of ambiguity and confusion.

Simply put, competencies include your knowledge, skills, attitude, mindset, tacit experience and tacit wisdom. Competencies are what keeps us competitively employed. We can compete at the same level, or at a higher level. Here, values like excellence, standards or performance, and quality come into consideration. I propose that our competencies allow us to compete at an unfair level, insofar as value of these competencies are concerned. Our comparative advantage and comparative advantage put us on another platform of measure. Never make it easier for a competing candidate to measure with you; have them measure up to you. Be the standard and benchmark of excellence and relevance.

Competition in sports teaches us to develop and maintain a competitive edge. How good or better you intend to be, will depend on your goals, aspirations and dreams. How far do you want to go? How high do you want to excel and exceed yourself?

Leadership Lessons: How do you stay competitive? What are you actively doing to maintain your competencies? How do you compete at your level? How are you adding value to yourself?

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