Monday, April 15, 2013

I Am Going To Kona!

I have dreamt about taking part in the Ironman World Championships in Kona-Hawaii since 2001. I first saw the event broadcast on television (NBC) around 1982. I began my Ironman journey in 2006, and my first marathon in 2004. Yesterday, I received great news (via e-mail and congratulatory messages on Facebook) that I won a slot to participate in this year's edition on 12 October. I became the second Singaporean in two consecutive years to earn this opportunity to take part as an 'Everyday Man' (amongst 199 others) in this 226km triathlon where the best-of-the-best get to vie for the biggest title in long-distance triathlon.

A bigger challenge will follow when I attempt to complete my 16th (IMNZ) and 17th (IMM) M-Dot Ironman races, three weeks apart of each other in March 2014. In effect, it will mean completing three Ironman races within five months. If all goes well, I hope to follow this up with my Boston Marathon entry (subject to my performance in July, in Gold Coast). I will need to earn and grow a large aerobic base!

Thank you, Kona-Man Clifford Lee (who we interviewed earlier this year) for his huge nudge in December last year to sign up for the Legacy Lottery. It has paid off well in its dividends.

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