Thursday, March 15, 2012

Your 30-Day Endurance Challenge

I dare you. Take part in this 30-day, continuous, challenge that will prove your worth.

You have 30 days to perform a continuous task. This will involve dribbles of discipline. It will mean enthusiastically engaging your Core – values, character and self-belief – to get down to serious business about your Potential. You could consider the following suggestions for your personal challenge:

1)    Exercise (do something physical) every day for about 20 minutes.
2)    Blog, on whatever you like to share or discuss, daily.
3)    Post 3-5 quotations of well-known people on Facebook.
4)    Write a page, of your 30-page novel/screenplay/play, everyday.
5)    Talk to, send a text message or e-mail, to three latent friends, each day. Actively keep in touch over Social Media, or in-person.
6)    Do something that is not your preference (i.e. a prejudice/dislike). It could be completing household chores, putting out the thrash, bathing your pet, or checking conditions of objects.
7)    If you are injured or recuperating from injury, diligently do your rehabilitative exercises for the next 30 days (and beyond) to become stronger and stable.
8)    [Insert your own challenge/Dare].
I am participating, too, with new challenges. Come May, this daily blog (on leadership) will be three years old! Thanks to author/marketing expert Seth Godin for initiating this challenge for me. This month, I will be focusing on my ride and swim (on alternate days) as these are my major areas for improvement. On the professional side, I will be researching and learning how to enhance my businesses, both online and face-to-face. Exciting days ahead!

I dare you. You can dare me back. All the best! And, enjoy the process in the next 30 days.

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