Saturday, May 2, 2009

Starting A Brand New Day

Hello, All.

Just filling in my time and space with my random thoughts, rant and raves. Okay, no rants...yet. I'll be off for a ride, paying respects to Ra and his solar personality. From a sportsman point of view, prolonged sunlight dam-ages and ages the skin. I found this out the hard, and shocking way. So, my caveat to sun-worshippers are:

1) Use, okay, lather yourself with sun-screen. It enhances protection. You can still tan, and burn if you stay out too long. Endurance athletes, follow 1) multiplied by 2.
2) Keep to/under the shade. Your pre-positions when you exercise in the Great Outdoors determines your discomfort rate/duration later.
3) Drink generously both water and sports-drink. Avoid caffeine-laden beverages.
4) If you pee, you are hydrated. If not, drink more fluids.
5) Dress up like seasoned fishermen; cover up what you do not want to tan/burn. This includes head-gear, long sleeves, and long tights. You may look kooky, but better an untarnished loonie, than an overdone one. To quote Forrest Gump: 'Stupid is as stupid does.'

Have a good morning, wherever you are. I'm off to practise what I preach.

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