Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ghost to Ghost Hookup

Bill Gates wrote a book, ‘Business at the Speed of Thought’ (2000) which received mixed reviews, although most of his ‘predictions’ came through; except for the ‘paperless’ economy. In this digital age, a plethora of business transactions (B2B, B2C, B2G) are completed with a point and click of a mouse. The Internet has shifted our personal paradigms and constitutions of how we think, feel and behave. For example, this blog is based on ‘push-button’ publishing. I can edit my postings, as and when I like, so my mistakes are minimized, and accuracy of content is enhanced.

How would you initiate that pace of business? Since we can travel at supersonic speed, blink our eyes in a fraction of a second, and utilise fibre-optic cables to transfer information at light-speed, therefore we have the capacity and capability to do business with velocity and instantaneously. Yes?

You must have heard of English author, Enid Blyton? No? Wiki it up. Among Blyton’s many splendid books for children, I enjoyed in particular, her series of books Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators. In this highly engaging series, lead-detective Jupiter Jones, conceptualizes the Ghost-to-Ghost Hookup for gathering information rapidly.

What is the Ghost-to-Ghost (G2G) Hookup? Essentially, it is applying mathematics, specifically, Geometric Progression. It is the power of multiplication. Jones suggests that if each person identifies five persons to locate a piece of information, and these five people, in turn, identify another five persons each to seek this piece of information, the coverage would be wider, and the hits more certain. In today’s language, we call this ‘multi-level marketing’, ‘viral marketing’, ‘networking’, etc. Online technology and tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, allow these to happen. It becomes a case of ‘seek, and you will find’ in an accelerated fashion. Of course, with search engines like Google, we can also trace and track lost friends, relatives and colleagues with the right combination of words.

This is my suggestion for active networking: Combine the G2G Hookup with 6 Degrees of Separation (6DOS), and you will get an exquisite way of linking up with people whom you have lost touch with: family, friends, school-mates, ex-colleagues, alumni, and many more. 6 Degrees of Separation proposes that we are not more than six persons away from whom we want to meet. Plus, your friends could be my friends. You will enjoy breadth and depth of your relationships. From a marketing perspective, you will attain wider coverage, reach, and connectivity. Cast your network net far and wide.

Meanwhile, stay high-tech, and high-touch!


Anonymous said...

Alfred Hitchcock And The Three Investigators was started by Robert Arthur and continued by several other Authors.

Enrico Varella said...

Thank you, Larry for pointing out my incorrect attribution. Robert Arthur is the author for the popular series I enjoyed much. Cheers.