Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The 10-Minute Challenge

These are ways to raise your heat-rate, and ‘drive’ home a point. Daniel Pink wrote 'Drive' and shared that tribes (like-minded people) can band together (for 20-30 hours outside of their work-time) to produce valuable work, only to give it away. Why do professionals behave like that? 10 minutes is as much time as you have to do ‘stuff’. It helps dispel extended moments of procrastination (that ‘thief’ of time). Here’s what you can consider to lead yourself in a short span of your time:
1)    Learn new words. Play a few games of ‘Scrambled’ or 'Word Hero' with others (compete). (This are ‘Boggle’ applications on Android phones).
2)    Clear the thrash from your office and kitchen. Physically, move and re-move them, permanently.
3)    Clear your files. Thrash useless, out-dated material. Hoarders, this is 'thrashing' therapy time.
4)    Arrange and organize your office.
5)    Write a 10-minute article (like this, and edit it for relevance; write from your heart, then head).
6)    Update your software.
7)    Send out birthday greetings, and personalized messages.
8)    Stretch major muscle groups.
9)    Plan your week, and re-prioritise your schedule.
10) Consider doing an act of charity or faith.

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