Friday, August 17, 2012

Leadership By Formula

Can you lead with formulae?

It is possible, if you treat these formulae (for leadership and management) as guidelines and models of behavior. In today’s demand for microwave-convenience and paint-by-numbers approach to getting things done, we need to stay mindful about simplicity and directness. Get the job done is the goal. Be purposeful, and be directed by purpose for without it, motivation becomes a challenge. You will not successfully motivate people into action, unless they share a similar purpose. Thus, alignment of goals and purpose is vital.

Most importantly, regularly measure your leadership. Evaluate your progress through constant feedback. Get structured feedback (honest and direct) from your peers and managers. Seek the counsel of a coach or mentor. Leadership is a practical approach. We learn best from practice and application. We haven’t truly learnt until we commit to doing and applying ourselves fully and thoroughly.

Use formulae of your choice for reminding yourself of your choices. Even 1-2-3 steps can be more useful than random actions and decisions. Break down your learning by parts, sequence, or priority. Think about how pianists rehearse – individual parts learnt separately, then strung together as a complete whole. It is no different from learning how to swim a new stroke: breathing, entry, exit, pull-through, staying buoyant, gliding, kicking, and driving through.

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