Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rebuilding The Foundation Piece By Piece

You can tear down a building yet leave behind the foundations? The foundation stone is the starting point of a building. Once you lay it, it becomes the origin of a house. When you get injured, your body breaks down in order to prepare the raw materials to rebuild itself. Little is wasted, and cells are constantly being deconstructed so as to reconstruct new cells and tissues. Our bodies are conservative and creative in how it manages its energy systems and nutrients.

Having been injured for a few weeks and finally having it diagnosed, I am thick in the midst of healing my foot. My stress fracture is contained for now, while I refrain from high impact-based activities (like running) in order to let the fractured bone seal up and become stronger. I am disciplined about doing my rehabilitation exercises, for complete inactivity will mean a loss of aerobic fitness and muscular endurance. I have refocused on energies on strengthening my core, supporting muscles of my foot, and low-impact aerobic activities (riding and swimming). I am gaining muscle mass and feeling stronger in my limbs. My swim strokes are more certain and I am activating the correct muscles for each specific sporting activity.

I will be reevaluated in five weeks’ time. I have renounced my chance to race in Berlin, but will assume the role of spectator. I will not take the risk of injuring myself again. Instead, I intend to return stronger and fitter to running. I have a good chance to do the Singapore Marathon, and train for next year’s Ironman triathlon. With my strong and reliable foundation of consistent aerobic and endurance training, I am sanguine about my recovery.

Leadership Lessons: How do you respond to an over-haul of your body? How do you reinvent yourself? How much patience do you exercise in the rebuilding process? How constructive are you when you are reconstructing yourself?

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