Sunday, August 19, 2012

TriFam Lagoon Biathlon (Part 2)

Pre-race briefing by OWS leader, Desmond.
Yesterday’s inaugural event still left a buzz of excitement, and post-race euphoria for newbies and seasoned endurance athletes alike. The Facebook updates are coming in fast and furious, with videos and photographs being posted up on this pubic holiday. From initial estimates, we are likely to host similar events as pre-race simulations prior to key races. Congratulations to our regular open-water swimmer, Alethea for completing Ironman Sweden yesterday! The turnout from the finishers of the recent Cobra Philippines Ironman 70.3 in Cebu was encouraging – although they ended up 'recuperating' at the strategically-located, aid-station as officials, safety-officers, volunteers and spectators. Essentially, there were parts for everyone and they chose them intuitively and with reason. We noticed that Ironman finishers know when to 'rest', especially after major races.
Open-water swimming (OWS) is becoming a common feature among triathletes and biathletes. It is with regular training sessions in the sea or natural water bodies that we can learn to become confident about OWS. That same morning, the triathlon teams from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Management University (SMU) were training hard for the upcoming TRI-Factor Triathlon (next weekend) as well as Singapore Triathlon (September). The narrow lane was packed with endurance athletes running up and down; the lagoon was scattered with capped swimmers. Do join us for our fortnightly lagoon swims if you are a TriFam member, or passing through Singapore. After all, we are all friends in the international sports of OWS and triathlons.
A few stray jellyfish spotted in our two-lap warm-up swim caused some mild concern, however with assurance from the experienced swimmers they were assuaged. In attendance we had the President of Triathlon Family (TriFam), Andy Ng who is highly supportive of our ancillary activities within the TriFam umbrella. It was a great union of old friends and new ones yesterday united by a common love for being fit and active. Leaders will be self-directed and purpose-driven in their various roles in their lives.
Swim Kommandant-successor, Desmond doing a splendid job in organising the event and making pre-race announcements.
The swimmers flag off! It is about own-time, own-target.
Near the end-point of the OWS.
Our strong swimmers emerge from the high tide.
Monkeying around at the impromptu aid-station: It will have to do, under the circumstances.
Our finishers run in with style and positive attitude.
Even Kona-qualifier, Clifford Lee acted as ‘serious sweeper’ for the remaining runners. All the best Cliffy to your Kona completion!
Highest combined partners score, get prizes. Woo-hoo!
Successful succession planning: The next generation held the baton well.
Birthday celebration for Matthew and Karen.
A glimpse of the post-event mayhem and musings. Happy times!


anDY said...

Tku vm to the Tanjong Beach Group! . It is an event full of fun & laughter, hope we make it a yearly event :-P

smalllcircle said...

By the way , i like ur macho body :-P