Sunday, August 12, 2012

Avoid Letting Your Inner Sloth Get You

It is official: I am officially OFF running for six weeks. I have been diagnosed with a stress fracture of one of my left metatarsal bones. It is a hairline crack that can deteriorate into an acute fracture if I subject it to more weight. This is my first injury in my relatively injury-free career. Reeves said that I should take this time to fully rest in an uninterrupted six-year-string of active racing in Ironman triathlons and marathons.

In one week, I underwent an MRI session, saw a podiatrist and a sports physiotherapist – new experiences for me. I also learnt heaps about what to do, and what not to do. For the next five weeks, I am encouraged to lay off running as it places two much impact on my forefoot. To think I actually completed Ironman Switzerland with a panful foot fracture. I can relate to the pain that Julie Diebens had to experience in Kona last year, before she dropped out gracefully from the marathon leg. I had a dismal marathon-within-an-Ironman, and completion became my priority at Lake Zurich on 15 July. I have, gratefully, licked my wounds and hobbled on.

It is also apparent that my status in the Berlin Marathon (30 September) is hovering like a menacing, dark cloud. I may have to become an enthusiastic spectator and usher my friends into the finishing chute. I was expecting a PB at this year’s race. My 2010 foray into this world-class, record-breaking course, was a cold, rainy morning and a disappointing 3:37 finish among 7,700 finishers before me. All I will now is take stock of my recovery, do my rehabilitation, wear orthotics, and focus on my swimming and riding. It is so easy to get lazy, and find excuses to remain inactive.

Congratulations to Kevin Siah of Perth for his 1:29 finish in today’s 21K run! Congratulations to Teryn Tham for a PB at the inaugural Ironman USA in New York City. It was scary to note that millions of litres of semi-treated sewage was flushed into the Hudson River 15 hours before the swim start (due to a busted pipe).

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K3vski said...

Thanks for the wishes, Enrico. Rest well and get well soon.